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Juggling Strategies and Ideas

Good Morning.  This morning we’re going to be polishing a presentation for a client that we’ll be delivering next month.  The presentation attempts to give the audience a bigger picture and longer view perspective of the current economic situation, a larger context within which to consider the programs being proposed.  Afterward, we’ll be spending more time working on our Five Technologies piece, trying to get the tone and imagery right before moving it along to share it with everyone.  This afternoon we’ve got a meeting/presentation with a client to walk some of their staff through some draft strategy material we’ve been working on.  Finally, later tonight I’ll be helping a colleague critique student business plans, something that never fails to entertain!

And we continue to work on contacting presenters for the Summit, and are moving closer to finalizing a date and location and firming up the program.  In all, though, it promises to be a very provocative event!

Think about tomorrow.


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Upgrading the System

Guten Morgen.  This morning we’re going through the laborious process of upgrading all of our security software, and while we might gain some peace of mind later today, for right now it’s destroying any productivity in the office!

A little bit later we’ll be working once again on the upcoming piece on technological drivers for Hawai’i’s futures.  It can be difficult to get decision makers to focus on a longer term view just now, but these technologies have the potential to significantly change the social and physical landscape in Hawai’i, and in reality most decision makers know little-to-nothing about them.

Think about tomorrow.

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Strategy this week

Morning, everyone. While I’m slipping back into the saddle, we’re still a bit crazy around here, so this will be short. We’re finishing prep today for a couple of days of client strategy this week. While always interesting, this will also be so because our client is part of a larger group that itself is undergoing ‘strategic planning,’ and the comparison/contrast/alignment of two sometimes very different notions of ‘strategy’ and how to organize planning efforts is always very interesting. We’re usually disappointed in other efforts, not so much because of the templates and report layouts they use, but because of the way they think about the strategic conversation.

We’re also disturbed by how often local organizations hire consultants from the mainland to help them with planning. Made in Hawaii must only work for food and crafts:)

Think about tomorrow.

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Climate Change Video Set

The Council on Foreign Relations has an interesting little video set about Climate Change.  Those of you who attended the Summit this year might compare this with the presentation given by Michael Shellenberger of the Breakthrough Institute, looking at Climate Change, energy, and carbon emissions.

One of the interesting things you find in the climate change/sustainability discourse is the tension between those who are looking at large scale changes and those who are looking at small scale changes.  There emerges from different quarters a difference in the basic strategic approach advocates for change have adopted for addressing both climate change and sustainability.  Some see the challenge as great in scope and advocate for major structural changes, such as new generations of technologies or significant shifts in infrastructure and processes.  Others believe in advocating change on an individual basis, promoting the implication that what’s needed are only small personal changes in order to address the roots of climate change or unsustainable lifestyles.

But a reliance on only either of these approaches is likely incorrect.  If observing complex systems has revealed anything, it is that they usually do not produce the outcomes we desire simply in response to a single strategy of change.  Complex adapative systems are composed of many agents, each involved in different relationships with other agents.  When we act, that input resonates through the system in usually unpredictable ways.  Unlike making a single great shot as we do in billiards, when trying to effect change in CAS we probably need to take a much more tentative approach, one comprised of many experiments with lots of feedback and adjustment.

One of the things that Hawai’i lacks is a really good strategic framework that presents a number of strategic approaches to effecting change to deal with both climate change and sustainability.  We need approaches that address the structural realities of modern living, as well as approaches that galvanize individuals to make their small (in-system) alterations in behavior.  Change on the scale that we talk about here requires us to address the many different levels of modern living, and eschewing the traditional and outdated belief in single strategies or ‘silver bullets.’

If you can dig this kind of thinking, then join us on Summit Net, the network for people who are concerned with the big-picture, rule-changing possibilities for Hawai’i’s futures.

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Past and Future are Linked in the Brain

Researchers at Washington University in St. Louis have used fMRI techniques to study the ability of people to envision themselves in some future, yet-to-occur, situation. The findings suggest that the ability to envision future personal states is intricately linked to the ability to remember past personal experiences. Both remembering past events and envisioning future events involve very similar patterns of brain activity and incorporate the same network of brain areas. The findings may indicate that the brain uses pieces of memories of various physical and visual stimuli to create a recognizable experience yet-to-come. The study may also indicate that other areas of the brain (such as the the frontal lobes) that play roles in future-oriented activities such as planning still rely on other parts of the brain and the ability to envision a future first. Learn more.

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Aloha kakou!

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Hawai’i: the Reboot

2 days. 200 innovators. A new future for Hawai'i.

The Hawai'i Futures Summit 2009 October 16 and 17, 2009


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