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Regrowing Tissue

Scan: A recent BBC article featured a man who had lost a fingertip but regrew it with the use of an experimental ‘cellular matrix.’  The man had lost the tip to a model airplane propeller, but with the application of special ‘dust’ developed at the University of Pittsburgh, he regrew the finger tip.  See a somewhat graphic video.

Thoughts: the current buzz word for the mainstream is ‘sustainability’, with an array of overlapping and related notions ranging from ‘no-growth’ to hybrid cars to anti-GMO supporters.  But even as the public consciousness is being focused by non-profits, corporations, and politicians on ‘green’ issues, potentially dramatic advances in health sciences continue to be made everyday.  While the 21st century health system is no longer the top of mind issue, the developments in understanding human biology and manipulating its course still promise some of the most fundamental changes civilization may yet undergo.  Notions of disease, injury, and the medical professions stand to be redefined as advances in things like automation, medical records, tissue regeneration, remote monitoring, and genetic manipulation are woven together.  Visit here for a short primer on how some experts expect the “P4” generation of health care to emerge.



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Tobacco Cessation

A recent report published by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation presents six basic contemporary strategies for creating consumer demand for tobacco cessation products and services. The six strategies themselves are not surprising or mind-blowing, but the report expounds on each in turn and it becomes clear how many attempts to produce or introduce tobacco cessation products/services may overlook simple but important considerations about issues like the psychology and needs of the users, product communication, and capitalizing on other external policy shifts.


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Hawai’i: the Reboot

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The Hawai'i Futures Summit 2009 October 16 and 17, 2009


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