Hawai’i’s Shared Futures By Vision Foresight Strategy

Hawai’i: the Reboot

Aloha kakahiaka.  Last night we had a great Summit Pau Hana at Pearl Lounge in Ala Moana.  We were able to really introduce people to this year’s theme and program:

Hawai’i: the Reboot.
2 days.  200 innovators.  A new future for Hawai’i.

Great thinkers, new ideas, and people making systemic change.

We came up with several good ideas for this fall’s Summit, tossing around names of provocative and inspiring speakers for Day 1 and wrestling with the question of how to arm attendees with whatever it is they can use to take their good ideas back to work.  We’re going to have a Summit Pau Hana once a month right on up to the Summit in October.  A monday after work, cool location, drinks, and really intelligent company.  We’ll be talking about the Summit and discussing the three main (interrelated) topics: education, 21st century infrastructure, and the economy.

We can also announce that Pono Shim, founder of Concierge Services at Ward, will be one of our featured speakers at the Summit.

Think about tomorrow.


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