Hawai’i’s Shared Futures By Vision Foresight Strategy

Debunking Bailout Myths and Assessing Our Economic Futures

‘Ano’ai all. We’ve got a fairly full Friday, working with a number of different clients and colleagues on active projects.  This morning we’ll be working with a financial expert colleague of ours on ‘bailout myths,’ drafting a short informative piece on what really has occurred and what is going on with different firms right now.  In that piece we’ll also be taking a look at Hawai’i’s financial futures, at least in a framework-sort of way.  Look for this piece soon.

We’ll also be working today on some client strategy, conducting another short session with them to draft their core organizational strategy and hopefully start talking about metrics and even tactics.  You never know with clients: when you expect something to go quickly, it takes a while, and when you expect some real challenges, things sail on through.  Always dynamic and different!

And we’re very pleased to announced that Jeff Piontek, head of the Hawai’i Technology Academy charter school here on O’ahu will be one of our featured presenters at “Hawai’i: the Reboot,” our 2009 Summit this fall (October 16 and 17).

Think about tomorrow.


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