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Looking forward to the Summit

Morning folks. Amidst everything else we’re taking care of right now, the Summit is slowly moving up the rankings of our priorities. We’re in discussions on venue and we’re actively working on the format and program, which will have some tweaks this year. One of the biggest changes will be to Day 1 which, while staying true to our practice of using the first day to pump a lot of new ideas to participants, will be modified to feature a slew of speakers this year, rather than our traditional two or three. We’re in the process right now of identifying and working with possible speakers, and each one chosen will have some exciting new ideas to fit with our theme this year (more on that later).

And probably most exciting to everyone, with our change in format, we’ll be able to lower the registration fee considerably, something sure to please everyone in the current climate!

If you’re interested in staying in the know about the Summit this year, or if you are planning on going, skip over to SummitNet and sign-up for the contact/invitee list.  Truthfully, we were going to post the sign-up on this site as well, but WordPress has issues with allowing certain types of code…

Got ideas or practical suggestions for the Summit?  Hit the same sign-up and leave us some suggestions in the process!

Think about tomorrow.


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