Hawai’i’s Shared Futures By Vision Foresight Strategy

Strategy this week

Morning, everyone. While I’m slipping back into the saddle, we’re still a bit crazy around here, so this will be short. We’re finishing prep today for a couple of days of client strategy this week. While always interesting, this will also be so because our client is part of a larger group that itself is undergoing ‘strategic planning,’ and the comparison/contrast/alignment of two sometimes very different notions of ‘strategy’ and how to organize planning efforts is always very interesting. We’re usually disappointed in other efforts, not so much because of the templates and report layouts they use, but because of the way they think about the strategic conversation.

We’re also disturbed by how often local organizations hire consultants from the mainland to help them with planning. Made in Hawaii must only work for food and crafts:)

Think about tomorrow.

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