Hawai’i’s Shared Futures By Vision Foresight Strategy

Tuesday uphill

Good morning (and a blustery and cold one, it is!). We had several meetings yesterday, one of which was regarding this year’s Summit; planning has already begun! There’s been some long days and nights recently, and it looks like many more are to come, but we’re looking forward to it. Part of our discussion yesterday turned to the future of the visitor industry in Hawaii, as well as the future of agriculture. It’s unclear to us the future of these two is as simple and clear cut as the ownership of the visitor industry wishes (for their industry) or as obvious and singular as the proponents of ‘food independence’ believe. As with all things futures, most people dramatically reduce actual complexity to just a small handful of issues or factors in order to feel comfortable with staking a position. But reality is a lot messier and more complex.

We’re meeting with potential clients downtown today and later I myself will be back at work in the office, moving harder and harder on my paper, the outlines of which are becoming much clearer.

And the website project is hopefully nearing a good greenlight stage. We’ve been exploring a different take on the project and we’ll see soon if it’s the final direction or if we’ll be reverting back to some of our original ideas. Things are always in flux.

But along those lines, we came across a cool new web app: blist.com. Check it out.

Think about tomorrow.

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