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The week starts in education and economic stimulus

Aloha kakahiaka, folks.  Last night I had a surprisingly good time at a special awards event, where I got to meet President Obama’s sister.  Like just about any event, what really made it good was the people you got to connect with, and last night was wonderful in that respect.  But I can tell you that, based on conversations list night, the future will bring some interesting and provocative events.  Cool.

The week looks like it will kick off with a special session we’re involved in looking at the future of education.  We’re prepping for this today, and we expect another very interesting discussion drawing in several views about what the priorities are and how we can address change.  Much of the rest of the week will be devoted to getting the website project rolling at full speed.  This is cool little project, and as soon as the beta is ready, we’ll be blasting it out to everyone.  I think you’ll be interested in the possibilities.  We’ve appreciated all of the suggestions for web developers and connections to people interested in larger civic engagement.  Mahalo.

And we came across this post this morning and thought people would be interested in another look at how economic stimulus money will be allocated across the states in the union.  It looks like we’ll be receivng the lowest category (no surprise), less than $5 billion.  According to the map, we look to get $2.33 B, with 10.58% going to balancing the state budget.

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