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Supersonic Travel

Scan: a company called Reaction Engines Limited is working on what experts claim is a theoretically sound model of a supersonic 300 person passenger jet. The jet, known as the A2, uses two kinds of engines to create efficient thrust at sub- and supersonic speeds (up to Mach 5). The A5 is expected to be able to run from Brussels to Sydney in under 4 hours. More spectacularly, the design of the jet calls for hydrogen as the fuel, producing a zero-carbon emissions footprint from in-flight operations.




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Alaska as Early Indicator

As we’ve explained to many in the past couple of years, anyone who has lived in Anchorage, Alaska over the last decade can attest to the changes in the winters there.  Anecdotally, this was an example of tracking global climate change, but a USA Today article laid out precisely that proposition a couple of years ago.  They even included video clips to explore the changes underway in Alaska’s climate and environment.


  • The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change last year released its fourth round of assessments on climate change.  Download our quick read highlights of the Summary document or visit them for the full detailed works.

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Hawai’i: the Reboot

2 days. 200 innovators. A new future for Hawai'i.

The Hawai'i Futures Summit 2009 October 16 and 17, 2009


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