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Socializing Entrepreneurship

BusinessWeek online has a new special report on the best young entrepreneurs under 25. The report links also include short articles on resources, education for, and examples of Millennial business starters.

The education and socialization and our youth really does need a major overhaul and redesign, both in terms of process and outcomes. Most current generations were trained in the industrial age model and have had to develop wholly new skills to be competent and contributing adults in contemporary society. It is interesting that in a society (and indeed, a civilization) that is built upon market economies and esteems the ‘company’, we do so little to socialize our youth to the opportunities and realities of business. And we don’t mean business in the Ebeneezer Scrooge, 19th century robber-baron sense, but in the community-minded, globally-aware and connected 21st century sense. Education and socialization need to be rethought and mapped against the emerging realities (and hopes) of contemporary life.



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