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The Global Information Society

The second World Information Society Report, which looks at the growth of the global information society, is a joint publication of the International Telecommunication Union and the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD).  The report follows up on the progress of activities that were identified as important by the World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS), held in 2003 and 2005.  Participants at the WSIS recognized that the global digital divide needs to be bridged, and they identified activities that need to be conducted in order to expand the borders of the information society and bring more people into its realm.

The report includes composite indices of data that measure the global information society.



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Terra without homo sapiens sapiens

Alan Weisman’s new book is The World Without Us, which takes as its premise the sudden and complete disappearance of humanity from the Earth.  In the book, he explores what would happen to our built environment, everything from the giant steel and glass edifices to the bronze and plastic implements we use, and how and how quickly the nonhuman environment would reclaim the abandoned spaces.

Weisman feels that the book can serve as more than just a thought experiment: that it can help alleviate the anxieties that prevent so many people from clearly and calmly considering the critical and natural processes that go on around us all the time, and to which we must pay better attention as we come to grips with the extent of global climate and environmental changes that may be on the horizon.

Check out the Scientific American article interviewing the science writer about this new book.


  • I Am Legend: a trailer for the upcoming movie starring Will Smith about the last man on Earth
  • Apocalypse of the Honeybees“: a quirky little article from SF Gate about the “karmic bitch-slap” that humanity may bee in for from the collapse of bee colonies and the end of food production
  • New Economics Foundation: a UK-based organization working to redefine economics “as if people and the planet mattered”

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More Desalination

Texas has a new $2.2 million pilot project desalination plant in Brownsville, part of Texas’s initiative to build a full-scale $150 million plant in 2010. A Texas spokesperson quoted in an ENN article claims desalination is just one of the more than 4,000 water management ‘strategies’ that the state has in its plan. The article goes on to explain that desalination has not become the obvious and widespread option for creating potable water because of the huge energy requirements. Currently, desalinating water costs about $650 for every 326,000 gallons (enough to supply two homes for one year), whereas purifying non potable fresh water sources costs about $200.


  • Teatro del Aqua: a new design for water desalination that capitalizes on the natural water cycle driven by the Sun near sea water, with innovative visual design and social applications
  • Global Water Intelligence: a monthly newsletter that provides information and data on the international water market

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Hawai’i: the Reboot

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The Hawai'i Futures Summit 2009 October 16 and 17, 2009


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